Chit Fund ERP Software

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The Better Way to make,move and manage Chit Fund

Chit.biz software gives you a clear and complete picture of Business Success

Manage your Chit Fund Accounts Easily

   Chit.biz is a user-friendly software. Anyone can be mastered and manage Chit Fund Business proficiently by using this software. Keep track of every action of business such as receipt, payment, and auction. Connect with all your branches with a single click from anywhere, anytime and from any device. No manual efforts required.

   Chit.biz software helps you to keep track of every interaction of money flow and also helps you to maintain a close relationship with your loyal customers.

Create your Own Chit Fund Bussiness

Customize Bills & send SMS

   Every Receipt of chit fund business transaction view makes your business Positive revenue status, you can easily create entries of the transaction and send the receipt with the advanced features like automated SMS through the software.

Track Progress

   Business owners and authoritative users can track the chit fund business members and group and the money flow in all directions just within a fingertip.

Say Goodbye to Manual Errors

   Groom our chit fund business to the Latest technology like Chit.biz with Automated account calculations, Receipt, Report and hence no manual efforts required.

Easy and Elegant way

   With the multi-user capabilities, Chit.biz software suitable for both small business owners and huge organisation-level business owners.

How it Works?

Signup & Start

Download and install the app

Add Member & Group

Fill in the details of member and group and add members to the group

Create Auction

Set the chit fund business amount and auction date for the group

Chit Calculation & Interest

Set the calculation percentage and interest to the group

Manage Chit fund

Distribute the money to group members as per the percentage and make more chit fund business groups and get benefited by Chit.biz

View Multiple types of Report

Able to view multiple types of reports including financial and business information from multiple branches can be viewed and retrieved within a single access

Track in and out of your Chit fund Business

Chit.biz helps you to monitor and manage your business what comes inside and outside will be able to view at single point of access. The success of a business depends on its ability to earn profits continuously. By these tracking you can do as follows

Strategically increase your Profit Margin

Simplify Customer Management

Empower your staff and team to work more productively and efficiently.


Complete Cash Flow Management

Chit.biz helps to monitor every individual interaction of your business like auction, receipt, payment, and cash flow directions.

Transparency & client satisfaction

Giving subscribers the freedom to track their chit fund business through constant notifications. The customer is ensured to have a clean and clear business.

Online access

Operate single or multiple branches from a single platform. Information can be retrieved from a single point of access

We also have the Collection Agent App!

For efficiently managing your collections with android devices for your agents.

Admin Panel Features

Chit.Biz Admin Panel have many features to run your chit Business Efficiently and it offers a simple, friendly and minimalistic user interface to get the job done faster and in a reliable way.
Dynamic dashboard

Dynamic dashboard and beautiful visualization charts

The Dashboard is built to get an instant knowledge about your business and Maximize our Business value

Categorise product catalogue

Chit Management

ChitBiz comes with a complete set of modules for all your chit fund business needs right from Chit management Member, Groups, Group Member, Estimate, Auction, Collection, Chit Receipt, Chit Payment and more.

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Guarantor/Jamin Form

ChitBiz Offers an intuitive guarantor management module to easily facilitate the entire guarantor process and comply with the best business practice.

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Task Management for staffs

Allocate the works to your staffs efficiently with Chit.Biz and monitor the tasks hassel-free

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Advanced CRM System

Track and Increase the Customers of your Chit Business with our Advanced CRM System .

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Accounting Made Easy for your chit business

Chit.Biz Offers in-built taxation and audit management to keep your chit fund business running smoothly without third party software dependency. Manage all your accounts and keep track of the income & expenses

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Advanced and Accurate Reports

Manage the Financial data of your Chit Business with our Advanced and Accurate Reports. The Reports are Precise and the User can Export the Reports to CSV

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User Role Managemet

Enhances your data security with Chit.Biz User Role Management. Reducing the risk of data breaches and unauthorized access



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