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Yes, Chit.biz is secured as we are managing user’s data with a secured database system. It protects important information with encrypted passwords and firewalls.

As per your requirements, we have demos on our website. You can use the demo for software package and contact us for furthermore queries and clarifications. We will support you with Chit.biz software usage.

Yes, you can see through reports.software usage.

Yes, Chit.biz comes with a Built-in Financial Accounting Module. No need for other accounting modules.

Yes, you can configure the chit value and groups.

Chit.biz has the 10 head modules and more than 50 sub-modules that incorporate with transaction screens and reports.

Yes, you can configure the auction schedules as per the business policy.

Chit.biz has three payment modes. They are Cash, Cheque, and Custom made payment mode.

Chit.biz have three types of chit, they are 1. Estimation Based 2. Auction based 3. Draw based

Yes, Chit.biz has a multi-branch payment option. Members can make the payment at any branch.

Yes, you can configure the penalties for prized and non-prized Members.

Yes, you can send SMS to a Member on any activity performed on chit operations supposed to have SMS gateway.

Yes, you can handle the agent payments based on the business generated and collection app report.

Yes. You can see all the branch’s financial health condition at one platform.

Yes, you can. You can assign permissions to users as per their roles.

Yes, it can show multiple report portal and dashboard to find out the chit group operations.

Chit.biz is a unique cloud software for chit business, which is suitable for individual chit agencies, small chit firms, and larger chit companies. It is more than that other software like engagement with all your interactions from anywhere and you can run and grow your business more efficiently.

Chit.biz main features are 1.Task Management 2. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) 3. HRM (Human Resource Management) 4. Chit Core 5. Chit Transaction 6. Miscellaneous Transaction Configuration & All type of Reports

After-sale, Chit.biz Support and Technical team will be happy to assist you with every issue and doubt you encounter.

Yes, We have a collection app for an agent to track the status of due and balance amount details with the report and Receipt print.

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