Key Features


Member Management

  •     Add Memeber
  •     Member Document
  •     Management

Group Management

  •     Group Creation
  •     Adding Member to group
  •     Assigning Ticket
  •     Penalty Calculation
  •     Applicable Date for auction
  •     Chit Estimate(Interest, GST) Calculation
  •     Agent Commission

Types of Chit

  •     Estimation Based
  •     Auction based
  •     Draw based

Lead management

  •     Add prospects
  •     Lead follow up
  •     Based Reports

Member Notification

  •     Auction Details via SMS
  •     Auction Intimation to customer
  •     Auction participation Details

Other Transactions

  •     Other Transaction Charges
  •     Name transfer
  •     Late Fee Calculation

Task Management System

  •     Add Task
  •     Add Task type
  •     Assign task with priority based
  •     Track the status of task
  •     Applicable date wise task

Staff Management

  •     Add Canvassing agent or staff or Foreman
  •     Add Task type
  •     Assign task with priority based
  •     Staff Register
  •     Leave Register

Security Management

  •     Rights of User-based
  •     Encrypted Passwords
  •     Assign task with priority based
  •     Auto Logout
  •     Log Monitoring

Device Management

  •     Add Mobile collection Device
  •     Device issue and received report

Miscellaneous Transaction

  •     General Transaction
  •     Local Delivery
  •     Inward Register
  •     Ledger & Running open Balance
  •     Inventory purchase

Accounting System

  •     Chit payment & Chit Receipt Entries
  •     Running Receipt Entries
  •     Cheque Entries
  •     Bad debit or credits
  •     Chit Ledger & Balance Sheet
  •     Day Book
  •     Chit Act Filling Fees

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All Features

  •      To manage the chit fund remotely. All you need is a web browser and an internet connection. It’s a simple click.
  •      Online access to members or users, Integration of software with your existing website.
  •      Member management was never so easy. But in chit group management, with a one-time registration of subscribers and with SMS notifications they can be managed without any hassle.
  •      Easy procedure for chit registration and administration.
  •      Managing chits like weekly, monthly, etc.
  •      Keeps details of chit registration and commencement date of chits.
  •      To enter/alter the opening balance of each schedule after auditing works.
  •      Advance receipt of future instalments and its automatic accounting.
  •      Online SMS on receipt of instalment, daily collection and auction entry.
  •      Automatic late-fee payment calculation (Penalty) by the given percentage.
  •      Dividend account maintenance and its adjustment into next month or current month installment.
  •      App for daily Collection and Member wise report and which will maintain the payment in case of excess amount.
  •      Easy entry of auction/prize and automatic calculation of the next instalments.
  •      Subscriber history during auction/prize entry.
  •      Various charges against tickets like documentation charges, admission fees, penalty & Verification Charges, etc.
  •      Guarantors and documents details for chit payment.
  •      Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly business summary can be downloaded as a CSV format and sent it to the operation head of the company.
  •      Easy cash, Cheque and transfer payment collection.
  •      Members can get their outstanding, last date for subscription payment, ledger report and auction details through online access.
  •      Mobile application for chit collector and can get the record of receipt of entries available online.
  •      Our Software Offers a Cost-Effective, Feature-Rich Solution for chit management.

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